About Us

Mission Statement
Men’s Groom Room offers value and convenience to our customers by providing the
best grooming products designed specifically for men.

What’s in Men’s Groom Room?
We only offer men the personal care products that meet your personalized tastes.
Our selection process is very simple: we choose high quality brands and product
lines that are designed for men. Think executive shaving meets luxury skin care.

What’s NOT in Men’s Groom Room?
1) Any personal care products that make your buying decision confusing.
We do NOT offer products that have feminine appeal. You can visit your local
department store’s makeup counter if you wish (we won’t tell).

2) Conflicts of interest (we’ll explain)
We do NOT manufacture or sell our own products. We spend most of our time
sourcing high quality products so we can offer you the best selection at competitive

Why Men’s Groom Room?
We are creatures of habit. We know what we want, but sometimes get bothered
by the search (can I get an amen?). At Men’s Groom Room, we eliminate your guesswork
and confusion. You can be confident that every personal skin care for men product we offer is designed for you.
Why bother running from store to store for shaving supplies when you can click into MensGroomRoom and make your selections.  
Spending a few minutes online is way better than spending time in line.