Review for Lab Series: Max LS Age-Less Skin Cream

Lab Series for Men has specially honed their products towards the male population over the years and they have done an excellent job of it. Like Walter White in Breaking Bad, they really respect the chemistry. One of their most popular product, the Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Skin Cream has truly revolutionized anti wrinkle cream as we know it. The Sirtuin technology is before it's time. It basically puts a halt to the aging process and slows down your skin cells from deteriorating. In layman's terms, it makes you look young. And if you already look young, it keeps you that way. The container itself is very appealing with its highly glossy and reflective exterior. Makes you feel like Doc brought this back with him in the DeLorean. Once you open it up, you realize that the product has more of a balm consistency. Once applied it feels good and gets absorbed by the skin easily instead of just sitting on top, like some of the cheaper competitors out there tend to do. After using Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Skin Cream for about 4 weeks, my skin was noticeably healthier. Crows feet that had developed around my eyes had been reduced significantly and I am sure that given time, they may disappear altogether. My pores were smaller and my skin was much less oily. All in all, this is an anti wrinkle cream for men that deserves to be in every guys medicine cabinet.



Bloomingdales still hasn't recovered!

If you are lucky enough to have a significant other in your life, this ought to be amusing to you. If not, you are in the right place as this website has everything you need to get someone to fall in love with you. I did just that this past weekend. She went from like to love in an instant. And I have the male grooming section at Bloomingdales to thank for it. 

So we were on a casual date, walking around the city through a street fair, picking out knick knacks, people watching etc. Our aimless meandering eventually led us to the major department store mentioned in the title. Of course she wanted to go shopping. What girl doesn't? As if I wasn't exhausted enough already. So upon entering the store, my eyes immediately began to search out the nearest bench or at least group of huddled men, sheltering each other from the obtrusive femininity of our surroundings. Looks like the store designers had us in mind because this Bloomingdales had a restaurant with a bar in it. SCORE!

My date instantly grabbed me and tried to drag me to the purse section. My male instincts kicked in as we veered off towards the bar which was through the men's section. Our arms were interlocked and concealing the struggle we were both quietly ensued  in when I felt someone grab my other arm. I turn around and see this gorgeous woman in a lab coat staring straight in my eyes. She was older than the both of us but her face didn't show it. Something about the way she carried herself made her seem mature and knowledgeable. Maybe it was the lab coat. But that coat couldn't hide the fact that she had a smoking hot body itching to burst out. Either way, before she said a word, I was bound by her spell. I just hope the girl i was with couldn't tell.

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Reduce your stress!

 The number one cause of visible aging in men today is stress. Be it from the work, kids, or the little lady, it all adds up. The tension builds in your head, runs down your face, and spreads to your body. You know the signs. Love handles, baggy eyes, wrinkles all accumulate, adding years to your actual age. Why put up with it? Unwind, relax, crack open a bottle of scotch and read these five stress reducing tips.

  1. Unplug – Turn off the cell phone, power down your computer. Today, many people feel that they are ‘on call’ all the time. Sever the ties and enjoy some quiet time. Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read and head to the park, or just stay at home and relax in a comfy spot. Enjoy a little peace and quiet.
  2. Start saying No – Most people are pulled in about 20 different directions all of the time. Help out here, volunteer there…while they are all good causes and they all need help, you aren’t the end all answer for them all of the time. Today, many people volunteer or serve simply because they feel obligated to do so. If you volunteer somewhere, do it because you want to and enjoy it. Learn to say no every once in awhile and use the time doing something you enjoy.
  3. Exercise – You don’t necessarily need to go enroll in a gym or start a detailed exercise regime. Just get out for a walk, take a bike ride, or go for a swim. Whatever type of physical activity you enjoy; get out and do it. Exercise is an excellent way to relieve stress. Physical exertion is also a great way to ward off insomnia as well.
  4. Positive Thinking – It may not sound like much, but it is helpful. This may be hard in the beginning, especially if you are a cynical person, but give it a try for a few days. Stress and anxiety is tiring. Positive thinking enables you to overcome your anxiety and find happiness and serenity. You may find that simple mundane things that caused stress before no longer adversely affect you.
  5. The Big Picture – When something starts ‘stressing you out’, take a step back and evaluate it in light of everything else going on in the world. Is it really significant enough to cause problems for you? In the grand scheme of things, how important were those two or three extra minutes that you had to wait in line at the store? Let the little things slide. 

Top 5 reasons to use male grooming products.

 A lot of you out there are probably under the notion that we were raised to be rough, rugged creatures. That's the way we were born, that's the way we like it, and that's how it will always be. That is also the way the Dodo bird died. Those unwilling to change and adapt to their environment are doomed to succumb to the cruelty of evolution. Thus I offer you these five reasons to better yourself through the wonder of science. If you want to become a relic of ages then completely disregard this article, otherwise, keep reading.

1. Sex appeal

As far as i know, most men like a female who takes care of themselves. A toned body and a smooth face are attractive characteristics. Guess what? The same can be said for you. There aren't a lot of girls who go around saying, "If only I can find a man with oily skin and a beard rash." And if you do find her, chances are she has the same problems going on. YIKES! Now I understand that the only place most of us have a six pack is in the fridge. But in the meantime, you can definitely take care of your appearance. Use Lab Series Oil control Solution to moisturize your skin while reducing pore size and oil production. Basically that means less zits for you.

2. Look younger

Let's face it. We get older by the second. Some of us are lucky enough to be in those jobs that allow us to act carefree and have fun, thus reducing wrinkles and stress lines. For those of us who are not Ryan Reynolds, wear and tear starts to show on our face from as early on as our twenties. Don't think that you can just throw on some lotion when you are forty and everything will magically clear up. The sooner you start using a product like Billy Jealousy About Face anti-aging serum the longer the results will last. 

3. Feel better

You known the drill. Getting ready for a Saturday night on the town you put on your new shiny shoes, a slick shirt, a dash of cologne, etc. All that stuff boosts your confidence, allowing you to put your best foot forward when approaching a potential suitor. Well shirts stain, shoes break, and cologne wears off. But something like Zirh Restore Herbal Eye Cream just works harder the more often you use it. Nobody has ever complimented you on the bags under your eyes, have they? It's amazing how much more approachable you are when you look well rested. When you have that certain glow about you, people notice it. 

4. Prevent Mother Nature

It happens to everyone. That part of your body that required the least maintenance to look great. We wear our quaffs in different ways. But no matter what you do or who you are, eventually your hair will turn grey or fall out completely. Its unfortunate but it doesn't have to happen to you. Using Billy Jealousy's award winning  Fuzzy Logic Hair Shampoo has been proven to make your hair stronger and more durable. You can have dirty fingernails and holes in your socks but as long as your hair looks great, it is all they will be looking at.

5. Healthier You

Since we are on the topic of hair, we might as well accept the fact that it doesn't just grow on your head. The second you hit puberty you got hair sprouting out of places where you didn't even know you had places. The facial hair is the one you are most proud of because you get to put that on display to everyone everyday. Your beard and mustache cements your place amongst men, proving your machismo to anyone who may have doubted. So why mar your reputation with disgusting beard rash. It's uncomfortable and unattractive. Not to mention in-grown hairs can lead to irritation, infection and disease. Using Men-U Shaving Cream is a surefire way to avoid all that nastiness. As for the hair on the rest of your body, Lab Series Active Body Wash makes sure it stays shiny and smells fresh. The longer you stick around, the more chances you have to close the deal. Healthy skin is just the first step.