The next big holiday sale is...Mother's Day?

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 is Mother's Day for those of you who need reminding. Some of you may be thinking, "What does a leading male grooming company have to do with Mother's Day?" Well, we here at Mensgroomroom love our Momma's. Every son got a special place in his heart for the woman who raised us we call mom. Doesn't the guy who loves his Ma the most deserve something special? Well we got some product's that are Mama approved. And with coupon code, "I<3MAMA" you get $5 off any of them.

A New Year, A New You!

It's New Year's Eve with 12 hours and counting till we ring in 2014. Last year was stupendous as it marked a great many deal of firsts. Our first website launch, the first time you fixed a car without going to the mechanic (told you kicking it would work), and plenty of others. Well while you remember last year with fondness, look forward to what the future will bring. Stop making the same resolutions that do not come to fruition. Everyone always says, " I am going to lose weight, be healthy and blah blah blah." Well before any of that can happen, you need to be confident. Confidence in yourself is the main motivator for self improvement. We at Men's Groom Room are here to nurture that confidence. You never feel better then you do after a hot clean shave. The Art of Shaving Starter Set will give you just that. Feeling like you have celebrated one New Years too many? Turn back the clock with Billy Jealousy About Face anti-Aging Serum. Get a jump start on losing weight by doing nothing other then using Lab Series Ab Resuce Sculpting Gel. Once you lay a foundation like this, motivation to be a better you will come in truck loads. We'll see you in 2014, still helping you look and feel your best.

Cyber Monday brings You the Best Shaving Cream for Men

When everyone comes into work on Monday, all the stories will be the same. You met up with family, had some turkey, watched some football, uncle Marty got a little tipsy and pulled an American Pie prank on the dessert table, etc. Once all the talking subsides, suddenly the place gets eerily quiet. That's because instead of checking e-mails and writing TPS reports, everyone is scoping our cyber Monday deals. Well pull up a chair and get ready to cut some corners. Because those deals everyone is looking for, we got it right here. Type ,"CYBER20" into the discount bar to get 20% of products sitewide! But act fast because this deal is only around for a week.


Castle Forbes Lime Shaving Cream

We have written about Castle Forbes numerous time on this website and that's because we love the brand so much. This special shaving cream is unlike anything else on the market with its rich suppleness and intoxicating aroma. Everyone will find your face irresistible to touch after a close shave.


Men-U Shaving Cream

This award winning shaving cream for men is humble in it's presentation. But make no mistake about it. There is a reason that time and time again, Men-U is nominated and deemed one of the best shaving creams around by reputable sources such as Men's Health, FHM, and others. It softens the hair, hydrates the skin, and lubricates the shaving surface for the blades to provided a nick-free, irritation free shave. And with a sale like this, how can you afford the pass this up?


The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp Shaving Cream

The latest in the Art of Shaving flavor offerings is Ocean Kelp. Smell like a real seaman with this shaving cream. Then let a mermaid scrape the barnacles off the side of your face and scrub it down with some seaweed. You'll be ready to win that regatta in no time.



Review for Lab Series: Max LS Age-Less Skin Cream

Lab Series for Men has specially honed their products towards the male population over the years and they have done an excellent job of it. Like Walter White in Breaking Bad, they really respect the chemistry. One of their most popular product, the Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Skin Cream has truly revolutionized anti wrinkle cream as we know it. The Sirtuin technology is before it's time. It basically puts a halt to the aging process and slows down your skin cells from deteriorating. In layman's terms, it makes you look young. And if you already look young, it keeps you that way. The container itself is very appealing with its highly glossy and reflective exterior. Makes you feel like Doc brought this back with him in the DeLorean. Once you open it up, you realize that the product has more of a balm consistency. Once applied it feels good and gets absorbed by the skin easily instead of just sitting on top, like some of the cheaper competitors out there tend to do. After using Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Skin Cream for about 4 weeks, my skin was noticeably healthier. Crows feet that had developed around my eyes had been reduced significantly and I am sure that given time, they may disappear altogether. My pores were smaller and my skin was much less oily. All in all, this is an anti wrinkle cream for men that deserves to be in every guys medicine cabinet.