Review for Lab Series: Max LS Age-Less Skin Cream

Lab Series for Men has specially honed their products towards the male population over the years and they have done an excellent job of it. Like Walter White in Breaking Bad, they really respect the chemistry. One of their most popular product, the Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Skin Cream has truly revolutionized anti wrinkle cream as we know it. The Sirtuin technology is before it's time. It basically puts a halt to the aging process and slows down your skin cells from deteriorating. In layman's terms, it makes you look young. And if you already look young, it keeps you that way. The container itself is very appealing with its highly glossy and reflective exterior. Makes you feel like Doc brought this back with him in the DeLorean. Once you open it up, you realize that the product has more of a balm consistency. Once applied it feels good and gets absorbed by the skin easily instead of just sitting on top, like some of the cheaper competitors out there tend to do. After using Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Skin Cream for about 4 weeks, my skin was noticeably healthier. Crows feet that had developed around my eyes had been reduced significantly and I am sure that given time, they may disappear altogether. My pores were smaller and my skin was much less oily. All in all, this is an anti wrinkle cream for men that deserves to be in every guys medicine cabinet.



Bloomingdales still hasn't recovered!

If you are lucky enough to have a significant other in your life, this ought to be amusing to you. If not, you are in the right place as this website has everything you need to get someone to fall in love with you. I did just that this past weekend. She went from like to love in an instant. And I have the male grooming section at Bloomingdales to thank for it. 

So we were on a casual date, walking around the city through a street fair, picking out knick knacks, people watching etc. Our aimless meandering eventually led us to the major department store mentioned in the title. Of course she wanted to go shopping. What girl doesn't? As if I wasn't exhausted enough already. So upon entering the store, my eyes immediately began to search out the nearest bench or at least group of huddled men, sheltering each other from the obtrusive femininity of our surroundings. Looks like the store designers had us in mind because this Bloomingdales had a restaurant with a bar in it. SCORE!

My date instantly grabbed me and tried to drag me to the purse section. My male instincts kicked in as we veered off towards the bar which was through the men's section. Our arms were interlocked and concealing the struggle we were both quietly ensued  in when I felt someone grab my other arm. I turn around and see this gorgeous woman in a lab coat staring straight in my eyes. She was older than the both of us but her face didn't show it. Something about the way she carried herself made her seem mature and knowledgeable. Maybe it was the lab coat. But that coat couldn't hide the fact that she had a smoking hot body itching to burst out. Either way, before she said a word, I was bound by her spell. I just hope the girl i was with couldn't tell.

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