Top 5 grooming tips for this spring and summer

With spring blooming everywhere we turn, the changing of the seasons marks a pivotal time in men's appearances. We all tend to ditch the beards we have been growing in the winter for warmth. The weather becomes warmer, altering our skin. Our moods change to match the brighter conditions. A sunny reflection for a sunny complexion. We come out of our caves to face a brave new world. But if we aren't careful, that caveman appearance can follow us around till next winter. So here are five tips to help you optimize your look this spring.

1. Use An SPF Moisturizer Every Day.

Sun protection shouldn’t be restricted to when you’re playing volleyball on the beach. Even if you’re just stepping out of the office on your lunch break or sitting outdoors for brunch on the weekend, you still need to keep your face protected.

Not only will using an SPF help you avoid a lobster red complexion, but combining your daily moisturizer with UV protection means that you’re skin is much less likely to age prematurely and leave you with deep set wrinkles later in life.

Most of the top skincare ranges understand the importance of SPF protection so your favorite moisturizer may already have you adequately protected, but if you’re lacking on the SPF front then seek out a daily hydrator which is at least factor 15, and work it into your routine. Some of my favorite products are Billy Jealousy Assassin Moisturizer, Nickel Moisturizer for Sensitive and Lighter Skin, and Zirh Protect Daily Moisturizer.

Billy Jealousy Assassin MoisturizerNickel Moisturizer for sensitive and lighter skinZirh Protect Daily Moisturizer

2. Don't let your face look like the next Exxon oil spill

Along with sunburn, one of the unsightly (yet avoidable) side effects of the warmer weather is a greasy, oily complexion. As the temperatures rise, so does the workload of the sebum-producing sebaceous glands, leaving a shiny finish to your complexion. Literally translated, your body forces the oils it produce out of your pores. If you’re prone to such summer skin complaints then there are a number of products that can help combat your oily woes.

So in this instance you’ll need a face cream that won’t overload your skin, and will help to provide a ‘matte effect’. Sigma Skin Pale Sulfonated Shale Oil Anti-Acne Gel is excellent because not only does it control excess sebum, but it has a prolonged effect the more you use it so the amount of oil on your face reduces over time. In addition, Anthony Logistics for Men Instant Fix Oil Control and Lab Series Pro LS All-in One Face Treatment also have tough tackling shine control products that you can work in with your SPF protection routine, and reapply throughout the day if needed.

Sigma Skin Pale Sulfonated Shale Oil Anti-Acne GelAnthony Logistics for Men Instant Fix Oil ControlLab Series Pro LS All-in One Face Treatment

3. You can be a dirty boy but have a clean face

Spring is the time when the flowers bloom and the allergies start. That’s because you have wind blowing pollen all over the place. Then it rains and everything gets all muddy. The insects come back to pester you for another season. Smoke from the barbeque gets windblown right in your eyes. Lets just say that it isn’t the cleanest season around. That's no excuse for your face though. A good cleanser is crucial for laying a base coat for any other product you may apply.

Picking the right product is crucial. Cheap facial cleansers you buy at your local pharmacy don't have vital elements such as vitamin enriched lotions that infuse your face with the things it needs to be healthy. Also, don't be tempted by gimmicks such as micro beads. Products with micro beads can "sand away" healthy skin and promote premature aging and wrinkles if they are used too frequently. We have always been a fan of Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash because it cleanses, exfoliates, and lathers the skin simultaneously. A few others we like are the award winning Billy Jealousy White Knight Gentle Facial Cleanser and Men-U Healthy Facial Wash.

Lab Series Multi Action Face WashBilly Jealousy White Knight Gentle Facial CleanserMen-U Healthy Facial Wash 

4. Keep your Hair in Check

Girls like a thick head of hair they can grab and run their fingers through. Guys like it when girls do this. This can't be done when you don't have hair. The heat can be a killer on your follicles. Rising temperatures cause your hair to dry out and your scalp to sweat more frequently. Most of the heat released from your body goes through the top of your head. You don't want your hair released as well.

Thankfully, this problem has been recognized and addressed through the miracle of science. Billy Jealousy's Fuzzy Logic Hair Strengthening Shampoo has been specially formulated to help you keep your hair and your cool. No more looking down the shower for hair you may have lost. This is an advanced peppermint shampoo formula fortified with DHT blocking agents, fighting hair loss at its roots. Another product we recommend is the DS Laboratories Spectral DNC-N breakthrough hair support system. It's a whole kit to keep your hair in place.

Billy Jealousy's Fuzzy Logic Hair Strengthening Shampoo

DS Laboratories Spectral DNC-N breakthrough hair support system


5. Take Off Your Shirt with Pride

There will come a time when you want to take a swim or catch a tan at the beach. People are going to see you topless. We don't all look like that freak of nature in the Superbowl commercial with the insanely toned body. And we don't have to. Women actually prefer a guy with some meat on his bones. That doesn’t mean we should treat ourselves like kobe beef, fattening ourselves up for the slaughterhouse. But as hard as we try, nature has her own plans. We might be stuck with love handles or just can't get the definition in our abs that we would want.

A solution that I have found to work great is the Sigma Skin Body Sculpting Abdominal Skin Toning Cream. It helps reduce localized fat deposits and stimulates muscle growth at the same time. That’s right, you can look skinnier just by rubbing this cream in your problem areas. The Mens Groom team all use this product and we can tell you that we can really see the results. Now this may be hard to believe but there is actually something out there to help you with the dreaded problem area around your waist. Nickel Love Handle Local firming gel actually tricks your skin cells into believing that they are already saturated in fat and dumps away the excess while preventing them from storing any extra. So the next time you go to take a dip, stand on the diving board a little longer so they can all stare.

Sigma Skin Body Sculpting Abdominal Skin Toning Cream Nickel Love Handle Local Firming Gel

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