Male grooming is launched into the future.

 For the past 50 or so years, men have developed a routine. It's not the worst thing in the world, just traditions that have been passed down through the generations using the knowledge we have acquired. We drag ourselves out of bed,stumble into the bathroom like zombies, stand in front of the mirror and begin the process. Now it may differ slightly depending on your background. But we usually smear a dab of toothpaste on our brush, stick it in our mouth, and vigorously scrub whatever feels right for a few seconds. Spit the soap out, splash some water on our face, and examine the beard. Four times out of five, we decide it's not worth the effort to shave and we will just do it tomorrow. If we do shave, its either electrically while we are getting dressed or in the shower blind. Exit stage left, curtain close.

Knowing what we do now, it doesn't have to be this way. There are steps we can take to make our morning activities enhance our lives and beneficial to the rest of the day. No more rusty razor cuts with the razor pit razor sharpener. With just a single swipe of the blade, you can keep your razor sharp for over 150 and fifty shaves! That ought to save you more then a few bucks. Go out, get smashed, have a party.

That scratchy throat, crusty eyes, dry mouth, and pock marked skin. You been celebrating about your money saving shave a little too hard. Don't worry, we got just the cure for you. The new Nickel Morning After Rescue Gel has been specially formulated to restore your skin to pre-party conditions. You might still feel like death but you sure won't look like it.

There are scientists working around the clock to make it go the other way. Literally turning back time through science. When you are shopping on, you aren't buying anti-aging cream or facial cleanser. You are buying a time machine. A legitimate, honest to god, time machine for your face and your body. No woman can resist a man with a time machine. So be a man, break the mold, and step into the future. 

Mens Groom Room
Mens Groom Room


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November 27, 2015

I love the honesty here! “Please, just let me shave my legs!! LOL” I rmeeebmr when my first baby was here and I would take a shower with her in her bouncy seat right next to the show. I would go in and pray she would be ok – - soooo very slowly I took tiny bits of shower beyond maybe 3 minutes.Your post is awesome! I hope you’ll visit mine!

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