How to properly shave yourself

My daddy never taught me how to shave. I didn't live a deprived childhood by any means. He loved me very much and was always around when I needed him. But shaving was just one of those things that was overlooked growing up. I remember the first time i actually had to shave because my facial hair started growing in. I figured I would just pick up an electric razor and rub it all over my face like my father did. When i came out of the bathroom  most of my scrawny hair was still there in addition to big blotchy red spots. My mother rushed me to the emergency room before I had the chance to tell her what I had done. From that point I dedicated myself to perfecting the shaving technique. I have simplified the process to the following steps:

1. Trim it as much as possible

For those of you starting off with more then a little stubble, you are going to want to get as close as you can with scissors or a trimming tool of some kind before you go in for the close shave. Electric clippers work pretty well in this respect. Add a little Lab Series Electric Shave Solution to create the optimum frictionless surface to avoid uncomfortable tugging and ripping.

2. Wash your Face

Before you start hacking away, you need to make sure your face isn't dirty. Clean it with LAB Series Invigorating Face Scrub. The exfoliating action will help scrub away dead skin and open up your pours. Make sure you wash in a  circular motion in order to soften up your hair and prevent small cuts later.

3. Put on some shaving oil

This is a step most people aren't aware of. They just throw on some cream and start shaving. That is your first mistake. Apply some Jack Black 3-in-1 before you put on the shaving cream. this will act as a lubricant allowing your razor to glide effortlessly over your skin.

4. Use a brush to apply shaving cream

Using a brush will soften your hair further and ensure an even application across your face. Plus it feels nice. I prefer Jack Black Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Cream. It has macadamia nut oil in it. Who doesn't love macadamia nuts.DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT use a bar of soap. Not only will it leave residue on your face but it will also rust the blade of your shaving utensil faster.

5. Start shaving at your jawbone and upper cheeks

Begin with your sideburns and work your way down using progressive strokes getting closer to the edges of your mouth. Don't forget to shave your upper cheeks since you don't want hair to start growing under your eyes. Rinse your razor with warm water to get rid of clumps of hair. Slide your finger along the blade if the hair will not come off. Be sure to rinse the blade with warm water. cold watrer will shock the skin and cause it to firm up, making the shave much coarser and unpleasant. 

6. Progress to the neck

Always shave with the grain to avoid ingrown hairs and nicks. Start at the bottom of the neck and shave upwards towards your chin in long steady strokes. You can then go against the grain as a secondary to pick up anything you may have missed.

7. Finish with the chin and lip

If you want to grow a goattee you can stop right here proceed to step 8. Otherwise stretch your upper lip over your teeth and bring the razor down. Now you are shaving with the natural growth of your hair. Finish with your chin, shaving downwards. Don't forget that soul patch and the corners of your mouth. 

8. Check for areas you may have missed and wash with warm water

Check the corners of your mouth, your whiskers, and your sideburns. A trick I use to help me make sure they are even is placing a finger at the end of each sideburn and looking in the mirror. if the fingers match up, your good to go, If they are way off, see a barber immediately. Then proceed to wash your face with some LAB Series 3-in-1 Post Shave. This will alleviate razor bumps and helps to prevent 5' o clock shadow keeping you so fresh and so clean all day.

9. Dry your face with a towel and apply after shave balm

Make sure you pat, not rub your face dry to avoid unnecessary irritation. Finally add some Billy Jealousy Shaved Ice After Shave Balm for the smooth, cool feeling. It is a great contrast from the hot shaving you were doing previously and will form a protective shield around your face, blocking dirt and closing your pours. It will also help you identify any problem areas if there are nicks or cuts. Allow the after shave balm to dry then go on to conquer the day.

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Inna T.
Inna T.

June 05, 2015

Fantastic step by step feed back with extensive knowledge of all brands.
It would be AMAZING if you carried men’s electric shavers and beard/body hair trimmers; such as Panasonic to complement your assortment.

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