Its that time of year again. Can you say football!

Summer was great, thank you for your continued support and get ready to see couple of new brands added to our MensGroomRoom lineup. So the weather is starting to change again and the sun is setting sooner. The temperatures is dropping and the air is gets drier. That can only mean one thing. It's time for some football! And to celebrate, we are having our Fall Football Fallout special. So from now until the end of the September, tweet us @mensgroomroom or hit us up on facebook and tell us your favorite NFL team. Add #footbalfallout to your message and we will send you a discount code. Depending on the team you choose, we have a different product for everyone. So if you are an Arizona Cardinals fan, we got something to help you beat the heat in Glendale. If you are a Chicago Bears fan, we can help you keep that facial fur in check. Just leave us a message on facebook or tweet "@Mensgroomroom Let's go ______ #Footballfallout" to receive your coupon code. We will message it to you right after.

In other news, we would like to showcase some of our products dedicated to beard care. Everyone knows beards are the hottest accessory you can have right now. And not just for hipsters... Well we have the perfect solution as the perfect price. Bluebeard helps you keep your scruff healthy and neat. Try the Original Beard Saver with aloe vera and lime oil. It will help your beard stay clean as well as encourage growth. And most importantly, it has a special anti-itch formula which will prevent beard rash. Now you no longer have an excuse not to grow one. Or try the extra conditioning beard wash to strengthen the beard you already have. And when you do try it, enter coupon code BLUEBEARD at checkout for 10% off all Bluebeard Original products shown here.


Russel Khanuk
Russel Khanuk


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