Men-U Aftershave & Moisturizer Lift Review

After doing my research and seeing how many awards Men-U got from reputable sources such as MensHealth and Lookmantastic, I decided to give Men-U Aftershave & Moisturizer Lift a try. I was certainly not disappointed. It is very decently priced for a luxury shaving product when you consider some of its competition. Comparable brands go for two, sometimes three times as much money. It's no small bottle by any means. I figure I ought to get at least 150 applications out of the 3.3 oz. bottle. When you do the math that's around 12 cents everytime you use it which is super inexpensive for how your face looks and feels afterwards.I found it easiest and cheapest to purchase from


Firstly, the packaging has a nice clean look. It says that they don't have to scream and shout to get your attention. They would rather let the product speak for itself. Like I mentioned previously, it had won awards since 2008 for being the best moisturizer and after shave product. A lot of other aftershave's leave your face feeling dry because they contain trace amounts of alcohol which is exactly what you don't want. I could tell this would not be the case when I initially squeezed some into my palm. The liquid felt thick and rich between my fingers. It felt even better when I put some on my face after a shave. It didn't burn at all but instead, tingled slightly. It smelled like a milk flood had rushed through a forest of pine trees.


I walked around the rest of the day feeling like butter. I wasn't afraid of dirt or bugs hitting my face. It felt like the aftershave had created an impenetrable barrier around the applied areas. You could try and slap me but your hand would just slide off. I couldn't stop rubbing my chin because the skin felt so good to the touch. I will Definitely be using this product more often.

Russel Khanuk
Russel Khanuk


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