Fathers Day is around the corner

It snuck up on you again, didn't it? Mother's Day just passed and you thought you were all good. Little did you know, Father's Day was barreling at you faster then the sixth Furiously Fast move. Almost got headbutted by Vin Diesel on that one. Lucky for you, we are here to help you avoid that pain that comes with giving your Dad some cheap card and a bag of Cheeto's that you got from the gas station. Our experts have assembled a great collection of gifts to express the way you feel about the man that made you a "man." Choose a category from below and show Dad some appreciation.

Ever get a shave at the barbershop? Your father probably did. When he goes, he does it right. The barber takes his time, first cleaning the face with a quality cleanser and warm water to open the pours. The he applies really good shaving cream. The thick kind that doesn't just provide lather but moisturizes and protects against nicks and cuts as well. Finally, when it's all said a done, he puts on some aftershave lotion that smells and feels like you ran naked through a forest of pine trees. Well that barber shops is here and you can bring the entire experience home. The Art of Shaving delivers a shaving experience like no other, we welcome you take a look at the below products that are guaranteed to leave dad with a smile. 


Michelle Krupp
Michelle Krupp


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