June 26, 2017


Avoiding Hair Loss

What causes hair loss?

Although hair loss can be attributed to genetics (thanks mom and dad) there are other causes as well. Some are preventable ones and include nutritional deficiency, infection, emotional stress, chemical hair products, and even prescription drugs .  Addressing causes which are preventable while focusing on ways to stimulate growth should help and keep you ahead of others in your hair-loss-prevention quest.

Eat plenty of fish

Fish is very healthy and is stacked with protein and minerals. More important as it relates to hair loss, fish is also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Both nutrients have been linked to preventing hair loss in chemotherapy patients. I am not aware of any studies on healthy men but both nutrients offer various other health benefits so there should be nothing stopping you from including more fish in your diet. 

Maintain proper Iron Levels 

Iron-deficiency anemia, which is usually more common in women as opposed to men is a well-known cause of unexpected hair loss. Though the loss may be so slight that you barely notice it first, long term iron deficiency can cause extensive hair loss. Consider adding some iron-rich foods to your diet like pumpkin seeds and tofu for those who are vegetarians  and red meats,eggs for those who are not.

Vitamin B

Crucial for hair growth are B vitamins biotin, folate, B2, and B12. Biotin for example is so important that its sometimes prescribed alongside medical treatments for hair loss prevention (like Rogaine). If you think you’re lacking vitamin B or any nutrient for that matter (like iron), definitely speak to your doctor before you get yourself tested or go down the supplements route. An even simpler solution is to structure your diet accordingly, although getting enough biotin may present to be a challenge. 

Manage your stress

At any given time, roughly 85% of the hair on your head is in its growing phase while the other 15% is in its final “death” stages. Sometimes stressful events can actually produce a "shock to the system" further deteriorating the natural cycle and decreasing the growth balance causing as much as 30%–40% of the hairs to start to die. Although the events that cause these are usually related to some major life crisis or a severe illness, it’s possible that  prolonged stress could have a similar, though lesser, effect. With that being said, finding ways to manage stress  is key to preventing hair loss.

Other easy-to-follow hair loss prevention tips...

Carefully read the labels of your prescription drugs

Most of us know that chemotherapy can increase hair loss, but did you know that there are plenty of prescription drugs out there that can cause hair loss as well?  Blood thinners like warfarin, several arthritic medications and psychiatric drugs like lithium are just a few examples of prescription drugs that can stimulate hair loss. Next time you acquire prescription medication, please take a look at the label and think hard about what you are putting in your body. I covered the legal meds but what about the illegal ones? Well, drugs like steroids can do wonders for your muscles but cause bold spots visible from miles away. 

Keep up on personal hygiene

Though it’s not exactly a direct cause of hair loss, A general lack of personal hygiene is not really a direct cause of hair loss but it can lead to fungal scalp infections like tinea capitis that result in patchy hair loss. Maintaining a clean scalp through regular shampooing will help prevent any fungal infections and help prevent baldness in the process. With that being said, certainly don’t overdo it. Too much shampooing can cause damage to the sebaceous glands of the scalp that are responsible for making sebum, which naturally moisturizes the hair and skin.

Don't hesitate to see your doctor

When it comes to preventing hair loss, seeing a doctor can sometimes be the optimal solution. Your local dermatologist see's balding on a regular basis so don’t be embarrassed. Doctors don't always have all the answers, but they will be able to provide some help which include prescribing certain meds,testing for nutritional deficiencies, and further recommending the proper supplements if one is identified.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is one of the most important tips pertaining to hair loss prevention. Exercise should help to relieve stress and usually improves circulation to the skin. Sweat which is a byproduct of exercise helps the skin by pumping out impurities from the surface. Though there is very limited info on exercise and hair loss prevention, the worst case scenario may be that you will one of the many bold men out there with a great body... Not so bad if you think about it.. 

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February 01, 2017


Valentines Day is around the corner and MensGroomRoom has some great gift ideas

That hallmark holiday rears its head once again. Valentines day is February 14th and Cupid has been practicing his aim. We have tons of great new products so hold on tight because you are about to be bit by the love bug. 

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Don't let this golden opportunity pass you by to show the one you have been with that they mean the world and more to you. Make up for all the Valentine's Day's you may have skipped by giving the gift of going back in time. The Lab Series Max LS Age-Less Face Cream will have him looking like he did the day you met him.

The Million Dollar Beard

MensGroomRoom is proud to offer another great line of beard care products. Today, we have added Captain Fawcett to our line of beard oil's and beard wax products. Captain Fawcett is an established brand with a great selection of quality beard care products. Your beard deserves only the best and MensGroomRoom is here to help you look and feel your best. We want to highlight Captain Fawcetts Million Dollar Beard Oil, its a special formula that Captain Fawcett has collaborated with fellow adventurer Jimmy Niggles Esq (the founding ambassador of Beard Season & cultivator of the world’s first Million Dollar Beard. ) The unique combination of life enriching oils will make your beard feel like a million dollars. Not too shabby eyy? Please let us know your thoughts, we look forward to hearing from you. 




August 08, 2016


MensGroomRoom welcomes the 2016 Olympics with another great sale.

2016 Olympics sponsored by MensGroomRoom
The Olympic games showcase the best sportsmen from their respective countries to show the world who is the best. In honor of the 2016 Brazil Winter Olympics, we are giving the first 100 people that order EVOLUTIONMAN  products 10% off. Only the fittest survive so act now to get your discount by entering "BRAZIL10" into the discount code box when checking out.
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Fathers Day is around the corner

It snuck up on you again, didn't it? Mother's Day just passed and you thought you were all good. Little did you know, Father's Day was barreling at you faster then the sixth Furiously Fast move. Almost got headbutted by Vin Diesel on that one. Lucky for you, we are here to help you avoid that pain that comes with giving your Dad some cheap card and a bag of Cheeto's that you got from the gas station. Our experts have assembled a great collection of gifts to express the way you feel about the man that made you a "man." Choose a category from below and show Dad some appreciation.

Ever get a shave at the barbershop? Your father probably did. When he goes, he does it right. The barber takes his time, first cleaning the face with a quality cleanser and warm water to open the pours. The he applies really good shaving cream. The thick kind that doesn't just provide lather but moisturizes and protects against nicks and cuts as well. Finally, when it's all said a done, he puts on some aftershave lotion that smells and feels like you ran naked through a forest of pine trees. Well that barber shops is here and you can bring the entire experience home. The Art of Shaving delivers a shaving experience like no other, we welcome you take a look at the below products that are guaranteed to leave dad with a smile. 


Stanley cup playoffs Beard-a-thon

It's playoff time and if your team has made it this far, then you probably have a pretty shaggy beard by now. Now we know you can't shave it off, that's where all the luck is. But you can keep it feeling soft and groomed with the latest in beard upkeep products. Introducing the Beardbrand collection. Take a look and try out the Beardbrand Tee Tree Beard Wash.This stuff was designed from the ground up specifically for beards. The wash has a very gentle lather that is soft enough for your face and tough enough to handle curly, coarse beard hairs.


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February 13, 2016


Get ready for St Patrick's

Grab your shillelagh and head down to the nearest pub. St. Patrick's Day is here so let's drink some green beer. We here at are celebrating the holiday by giving you 10% off everything that is green. Starting with Billy Jealousy we have the about face anti-aging serum, the white knight gentle facial cleanser, and the wipe out eye cream with optical brighteners. A trio any leprechaun would be proud of. Check out DS laboratories is the dandrene high performance anti dandruff shampoo. Proven  to keep your ginger locks growing and glowing. Finally, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we got The Art of Shaving unscented pre shave oil as well as Castle Forbes essential oil after shave balm.

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